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developing news on the boston marathon bombings. during the past hour, authorities are clearing up reports on whether there has been an arrest. good afternoon. . boston police are saying at this hour there has been no arrest so far in the boston bombing investigation. officials have been reviewing video and clues from a surveillance camera and news footage.
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patty has been covering the attack since it happened monday. she's live in boston with the new information. >> reporter: here's what we know right now, take a law enforcement official briefed on this investigation has said that a suspect was identified from cameras here on boylston street on the 700 block at the lore don taylor store. surveillance cameras from lore don taylor. -- lore don taylor. -- lord&taylor. this is a huge development in this case. this is a tragedy that's impacted people here in boston and all the way to the bay area. to clarify, i called the boston police department about 20 minutes ago and was told that there has not been an arrest, but then that police department also referred me to the boston f.b.i. when i spoke to them also about 20 minutes ago, they said they could neither confirm that there had been an arrest but they also would not deny that there had been one. they told me they would brief the media later today.
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still folks here paying their respects are cautiously optimistic. >> i think it would put a lot of people's minds at ease that the person has been caught. i think it's an unsettling feeling when you know someone is still out there. >> reporter: we are expecting an update from the f.b.i. at 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time. we're also expecting an update from the family of 11-year-old martinez who is yet to undergo more surgery at children's hospital. >> thank you for your reporting right there on the ground. to recap, despite earlier reports from a law enforcement source today, boston police now say there has been no arrest in the bombings on monday and that no suspect is in custody. we want to reiterate that. the f.b.i. is still asking businesses and race spectators to search their photos and videos from the event. they want to see if there's anything unusual to report to
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investigators, such as the picture that you see there on your screen that they have been going over. the f.b.i. has scheduled a news conference on the investigation for this afternoon. it will be taking place at 2:00 p.m. pacific time. you can watch the conference live right here on ktvu channel 2. authorities in wawrkt are on -- washington, d.c. are on high alert this hour after a series of threats involving the poison ricin. one letter was sent to president obama. another to a u.s. senator. this morning a suspicious package trigger add lockdown on capitol hill. scott mcfarland joins us now with word the lockdown has now been lifted. scott? >> reporter: just a short while ago, janet, not just a suspicious package but two suspicious letters tested as well, -- letters as well, all tested, all cleared. police officers and explosive sniffing dogs outside and inside the entrances on capitol hill. you can also see a hazardous materials truck there. lights flashing near the u.s.
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senate russell building. the third floor of the building locked down for a while today, including a hallway with the offices of pennsylvania democratic senator bob casey. >> there was a letter on this floor that was delivered that apparently is no longer a concern about, but in the interest of being careful, they shut down a corridor. >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, two other letters have reportedly tested positive for a poison called ricin, one addressed to president owe bam. another -- president obama, another to mississippi senator roger wicker. both discovered, stopped and tested at a postal facility before they were delivered. >> i would underscore the mail sent here is screened and that these tests are undertaken at remote sites to mitigate the risks both to those recipients and to the general population. >> reporter: both postmarked april 8 sent out of memphis, says the f.b.i. one quote from the letter, to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continue causes. a suspicious letter reported at
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the office of senator carl levin. it's under investigation. back here in d.c., even the tourists feel the added police presence at the capitol. >> you can feel it walking around. we're here to visit d.c. you can feel it walking around after boston. things are a little more tense. >> reporter: in the past hour, two more reports of other media of potential suspicious letters at u.s. senators' offices. jeff lake of arizona in their local hometown offices, not here in d.c. the capitol complex, the lockdown is over. it happened late this morning. live in washington, scott mcfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in texas announced in just the past two hours that they have arrested a woman in connection with the killings of three people. two of the victims prosecutors in kaufman county. ken williams has been named as the prime suspect in the killing of mike mcclelland and
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his wife cynthia. eric williams is being held on other charges. his wife kim has been indicted for capital murder. they successfully prosecuted eric williams last year for theft. a hayward woman sleeping on her coach was hit in the neck and head by bullets that flew through her window. we're live in hayward now where the victim is undergoing surgery. >> reporter: well, the boyfriend actually of the shooting victim came home. he didn't want to speak to us on camera but he tells us that his girlfriend is expected to survive so he's obviously quite relieved. now police are looking into the possibility that the girlfriend may not have been the intended target. now, all of this unfolded early this morning 12:30 at the home on smally avenue on western. you can see the bullet holes in the front window. police believe the shooter was standing on the front porch when he or she pulled the trigger and shot at the victim who was sleeping on the living room floor. the boyfriend and his two children were in the house at
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the time, but they were not hurt. paramedics took the 24-year-old woman to eden hospital where she has undergone surgery. she's stabilized and expected to live. police say the shooting does not appear to be random but that perhaps the intended target was the boyfriend who is similar in appearance. >> i would say that, you know, the manner in which the shooting was carried out showed some attempt to shoot at this particular residence. >> the blinds were in a close position, but those mini blinds, depending which angle they're at, you're able to see inside. i think it's probable the shooter was able to look in and be able to see what they were shooting at. >> reporter: a late 1970's car was scene speeding from the area but police aren't sure if it is linked to the shooting. one witness we spoke to says there was a couple fighting across the street minutes before the gunfire erupted. police are hoping to speak to that witness and glean more information but at this point
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they don't have any leads. investigators told us this morning this woman is extremely lucky to be alive. they say she will have side effects from the shooting but luckily nothing very serious. we're live in hayward, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks for that update. police say they have arrested five teenagers in connection with the shooting death of a south bay paramedic two weeks ago. that paramedic, 34-year-old quinn boyer died two days after the shooting. police say he was waiting at a stop sign in oakland hills when a car carrying the five teens pulled alongside and someone shot him in the head. two of the suspects are 14. to are 15. and one is 16 years old. prosecutors could file charges against them as early as today. the investigation turns into an -- continues into an apparent act of sabotage with the pge power equipment. we have details from santa clara county. >> reporter: we're here at the pge substation on metcalf road
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where a command post has been set up. now, let's go to chopper 2 that is flying overhead where you can see there are pge workers that are on the ground making repairs. we also see that there are several investigators there gathering evidence investigating into what the sheriff called sabotage that took place here at the substation yesterday. at&t is offering $250,000 reward that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for cutting fiber optic cable lines located here near the pge substation early yesterday morning. that led to a phone outage in gilroy and parts of south santa clara county. a land line and cell phones. it took down the 911 system in gilroy for a period of time. sheriff's investigators believe the same vandals used a high powered rifle to shoot at the pge transmission station. five transformers were damaged spilling oil. at&t had workers in the field making repairs today. they sathey were completed
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mid-morning and that service for everyone should be restored. pge also gave us an update on its damage and repairs. >> right now the work is progressing well. the cleanup will take a number of weeks likely up for five weeks -- to five weeks. but right now work is progressing well and we'll have crews working around the clock till we get it completed. >> reporter: pge says at no point did anyone lose power. they are no longer asking people to conserve energy as they were yesterday. the sheriff's office is investigating and put put -- and i put multiple calls into them to get an update on this investigation but nobody has returned our phone calls as of yet. we're told they are in meetings right now. one of the things we did want to ask them about was we did talk to representatives from verizon yesterday that told us that another phone line owned by a company called level three was cut at a separate location, seven miles north of san
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martine which ended up affecting customers around the same time as the incident here. we have no idea if that same phone line cut seven miles north is at all related to this. that's definitely something that we want to follow up with sheriff's deputies about. we also have my colleague working on this story and we'll bring you more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. we are live here in san francisco. today many people both young and i have been waiting for this day. we're talking about a grand reopening. we'll give you a sneak preview. it's still breezy outside and will be getting warmer. mike is here and will tell you how high the temperatures will get.
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a gas leak shut down a major intersection for several hours this morning. san mateo police say a crew working to install fiber optic lines hit a gas line at el camino and 3rd avenue just after 8:30 this morning.
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to buildings were evacuated for a time. people in other businesses were told to shelter in place. pge says the leak has been capped now but crews are still working to repair the lines so people should avoid that area for the time being. the explore tore yum is finally opening its doors at the spectacular new sight along the embarcadaro. brian flores has been covering this much television participated opening which has many new exhibits to the original ones. >> reporter: i got to be honest, i don't think i ever had so much fun before. this is such a fun story and a lot of excited faces out there today for the grand reopening of the exploreatorium. just like the old explore tore yum, a ring of the bells signifies the opening of the new one. three times bigger and $300 billion later. the world's famous exploratorium is back better and ever. >> i feel like the kid who has
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just moved into san francisco and about to be shown his or her bedroom. you kind of get really excited. >> reporter: officials along with city and state leaders attended the much anticipated grand reopening ceremony. they along with parents see the museum at not only being a fun place to be-- >> the amount of gas that's inside -- >> reporter: -- but a steppingstone to advance students. >> you don't want to be the betion of the best. you want to be the only one that does what you do. and i think of that quote in the context of today. >> reporter: especially for girls-- >> especially for girls to show them science that it's something everyone can do, just not boys. science is the way of the future and we want her to see if she wants to do science, that's something she can do. >> reporter: the state of the art museum along pier 15 is beyond cool. the building itself has 6,000 solar panels to generate power. amazing views of the bay and has more than 600 exhibits both inside and out.
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some you may have grown up with. and on top of the older exhibits, there's some new ones as well, including this cool mirror. i'll actually give myself a high five. simply fun for all ages. >> i'm really excited from the old one. >> reporter: officials say they are expecting rather large crowds, especially this opening week and throughout the weekend. there is parking right across the street as well as parking spaces throughout the embarcadaro area but the best way to get down here is through bart. we're live in san francisco, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a high five to you for giving us that good look inside. appreciate take. the san jose city council last night approved a deal that will bring more flights and millions of dollars to minute net toe san jose airport. the council agreed to a fifth- year lease with signature flight services. the airport will get $3 million a year in rent. signature will also build an
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$82 million facility at the airport for private and corporate jets. this deal is expected to generate thousands of additional flights a year at san jose international. new at noon, the san francisco school district says one student used a stun gun on another this morning that was at the international studies academy in the hill district. we understand from police they say one student had the stun gun and the other began a playful tussle with him and got shot. the second student was treated and then released to his parents. >> school authorities are talking to that student as well as the police department. we'll investigating why the student had a stun gun on campus to begin with. >> the school district says the student with the stun gun will face disciplinary measures. the incident comes one day after another student brought a gun on campus at the international studies academy. the federal ninth circuit court of appeals this morning took up a challenge to a california law banning a controversial practice called conversion therapy. that therapy is designed to
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help gay people become straight. backers of the law banning it say that the conversion therapy is dangerous. opponents of the law say it violates their constitutional lights-- >> constitutional rights. >> it's unprecedenced that california would pass a law that would interfere with patients and doctors with clients and counselors and tell them not only what they can say on a subject matter but what viewpoint they can express. i think it's a very dangerous law. >> the state attorney general's office is defending the ban saying it's necessary to protect patients from what many scientific experts call abuse. one lower court has ruled the law unconstitutional. another has upheld it. we have lots of sunshine for today. we are in the clear. the temperatures have been warming up as well. starting out the workweek with some pretty cold numbers but outside right now, we still have clear skies and still excellent visibility with the winds still in place. winds have been a factor, not
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as strong as yesterday or monday but still a bit of a breeze approaching 15 to 125 miles per hour. -- 25 miles per hour. the satellite showing clear skies from above. san jose toward monterey bay. and updated numbers for you the 12:00 hour, warmest locations in the mid- to upper 60s. there's that 69 in walnut creek. san francisco the lower 60s or mid-60s as well. the wind reports still up there sustained out of the north in fairfield 25 miles an hour. sfo17 miles an hour. and san jose a westerly breeze 16 miles an hour. so still a bit breezy out there. more sunshine. temperatures up a few degrees over yesterday's readings. mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. and the weekend, no major changes but we'll continue to warm up those numbers. warmest locations this weekend approach in the low to mid-80s. for today lots of sunshine. winds approaching 25 miles an hour. high pressure still in full command of our weather. that sinking air is warming air so with that, that will translate to some mid-70s
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inland this afternoon with the breeze in place, hard to fog to form so sunshine at the coast. but still a side shore wind and as a result we'll call it breezy there with temperatures on track to reach the mid-60s. forecast highs this afternoon, a bit warmer than yesterday. off to a mild start this morning. lots of 50s out there. this afternoon showing you lots of 70s out toward santa rosa and fairfield. concord 75. look at downtown san francisco. just beautiful but it will be breezy. the temperature right around 70 degrees. san jose 74. and santa cruz 74 as well. here's a look ahead with your weekend in view. the weekend a few days away. look what happens between now and then. temperatures will be warming up a little bit for thursday and friday. by friday warmest locations inlands will be in the lower 80s. that is after a cold start for the morning hours. some upper 30s to the 40s so you definitely want to dress in layers with the cold temperatures in the morning. but a nice recovery into the afternoon and sunday warmest locations are still talking mid-
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80s. 48 to 85 degrees. you'll notice -- 84 to 85 degrees. you'll notice one thing missing. no rain in the five-day forecast. temperatures zooming back up. >> i'm not complaining. >> no complaints just yet. >> a lot of people would be happy to see that. >> it's nice to see the sunshine but still a bit of a breeze out there. >> thank you. we want to recap our top story about the new developments today in the boston marathon bombings. boston police say there have been no arrests in the attacks despite earlier reports from media sources that suggested there might have been. the f.b.i. is examining evidence of pressure cooker bombs and looking at photos and videos they've collected from the explosion site. three people have died, more than 170 were injured in the attack. the fbi has scheduled a news conference on the investigation for this afternoon. that will take place at 2:00 pacific time and again, you can watch it live right here on kt vu channel 2. -- ktvu channel 2. we'll tell you why it's a down day on wall street and why
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the future of a supermarket chain promotes fresh food is now uncertain.
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at this hour we want to give you a quick look at the big board. here are the latest numbers from the new york stock exchange. the dow at 14636 down about 120 points. the new york -- you can see it right there. bay area shoppers may soon have to find another place to
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buy groceries. fresh and easy is closing all of its stores in the united states. the british owned grocery store has 200 stores in california, arizona and nevada. the chain never turn add profit in the u.s. it has not set a closing date. it hopes to sell the stores and save the jobs of hundreds of its workers. a fire broke out at a home in san mateo where a man, his wife and seven children were living. it started never the family car which was parked in front of the garage in the area of bermuda and annapolis drive. the man was getting up to go to work around 3:40 this morning when he says he heard some noises from outside. the fire started near the car and spread to the garage. investigators say it is too early to determine the cause. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, we're monitoring that developing situation out of boston. this is a live picture above the courthouse, the federal courthouse in boston where a threat of some type has forced the evacuation of that
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courthouse. we understand there have been some conflicting reports about that. we're growing to be sorting that out for you -- we're going to be sorting that out for you today and also the investigation and where it stands at this hour. continually changing. we have people in our newsroom working on that. again, the news conference scheduled in about 90 minutes. we'll bring it you to live right here on ktvu channel 2. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time we break and also at 5:00.
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